Single Particles

Single particle productions are split by particle type, angular regions, and thrown energy. All productions are thrown uniformly in cos(theta) and fixed in energy.

All productions are relative to the following locations on S3 and XRootD: * (see s3_file_storage.rst for instructions) * root:// (see xrootd_file_storage.rst for instructions)

Links point to the S3 location; the conversion to XRootD URIs should be trivial. Mirroring from S3 to XRootD may take up to one day.

Lepton endcap (N), 130 to 177 degrees

  • geometry master: (1M each, last update: 2021-08-14)

Barrel region (B), 45 to 135 degrees

Hadron endcap (P), 3 to 50 degrees